Banksdirect will help you to find the best Home Loans this year!

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2017 has brought a smile on the faces of lower middle class, middle-class families, and senior citizen. The good news is that several banks have announced a deep cut on home loan. Seems like, the banks have lowered their borrowing rates by up to 90 basis points and because of this the home loans rates will fall down to their lowest point in last six years. So for example, if you take a home loan of Rs 75 lakh which was earlier available at 9.1%, currently will now be available at 8.6%.

Take a look at the list of banks and their new home loan interest rate:

SBI: 8% from 8.9%

Union Bank: 8.65% from 9.3%

IDBI Bank: 9.15% from 9.3%

SBT: 9.2% from 9.45%

IOB: 9.15% from 9.5%

PNB: 8.45% from 9.15%

With this good news, we promise to provide good service to all our new customers or homebuyers who will now be able to take advantage of cheaper home loans and other forms of lending rates. Don’t think twice or be laid-back grab on for more reasons to feel joyous in the beginning of the year.