Best Mobile Apps That Help You Stay Financially Safe

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Do you want to keep a budget, but aren’t sure where to start? Knowing how much money you have and how much you owe is where everyone should start. We all know that banking and managing money keeps getting easier and easier, only if you know how and where to save.
Currently, in every list of the best Android apps and the best iPhone apps, you’ll always find a few personal finance apps too. They are an essential component for managing modern life. Personal finance apps help us remember to pay bills, keep an eye on account balances, and stay within our budgets. will help you find the best money management apps to start saving money and live more financially secure.

  • BudgetSimple (Web): BudgetSimple tracks all of your monthly expenses to make sure you are staying on track, identifies the places you spend money at most frequently, and lets you know of any pesky monthly fees on your card you might have missed.
  • Mint (Web, iOS, Android, Windows 8): Mint is a great app for seeing where all of your money is on all of your devices. It can track your bank accounts, credit cards, and even investments. You can also use it to plan budgets and future expenses, but its main focus is on giving you a financial overview.
  • Fudget: This app is a simple and fast alternative to feature rich, complex budget planner. There are no categories to manage, no charts to interpret and no learning curve. It is very useful for tracking short-term budgets and even for tracking work expenses.
  • Goodbudget: This app is a money manager and expense tracker and is good for home budget planning. It is a virtual update on your grandma’s envelope system–a proactive budget planner that helps you stay on top of your bills and finances.
  • Spendee (iOS, Android): Spendee is truly beautiful and does a good job of showing you where all of your money is going and how you can adjust course. The only downside is that you’ll need to manually enter your transactions.